img-h2owatersaver-green-01H2O Cube Water Saver

Introducing a  modern, rain water collection solution that combines functionality, capacity and style. Standing just under four feet tall, the H2O Cube Water Saver can hold up to 345 litres of treatment-free rainwater. It easily ties in to your gutter system, and can take some of the drainage load off your property. As it is an above-ground system, there is no need for underground pipes or upgrades required on the property. H2O Cube Water Savers can connect to each other, multiplying the storage capacity. With the H2O Cube Water Saver, you can hold a reserve capacity of rain water for later use on plants and/or washing driveways, which increases the efficiency of the property.


  • Save money on Water Meter
  • Built in tap connects directly to standard garden-hose
  • Add fertilizers/gardening tea to H2O Cubes
  • Connect multiple units